Evan: Our Night

Evan Brough

I knew she was thinking about when she would have to leave and go back to her father. I could tell. Sometimes I wished I could just be normal and not able to tell small details other people can only begin to imagine.

I worried about her and how she felt inside because I knew she wouldn't ever talk  to me about leaving. It tore me apart inside, knowing that she would leave, but I was determined to make these few weeks we had left the best weeks either of us would ever have - no matter what.

Ada continued to kiss me as these thoughts ran through my head, but I knew I could not voice them. I couldn't do that to her. I would rather it kill me inside and not affect her.

She kissed me harder, closing any gap between us. I pulled away slowly, leaving her moving forward to meet my lips once more.

"Why did you stop?" she said, breathing heavily.

I paused before I answered, looking deeply into her electric blue eyes that were like azure pools of a pure state. "I have to put the tent up." I said softly.

It didn't take me long to put up the tent, it wasn't hard. The entire time I was hammering the pegs in and piecing the poles together,  I could feel her gaze lingering on me as I worked.

When I was finished, I turned and looked at Ada. I mean really looked.

I saw her confident front and shattered it. I saw what she was hiding behind it. All her worries about leaving me behind and the knowledge that things between her and her father would never be the same. I saw her vulnerability, how heartbroken she truly felt.

Inside, I died a little bit. Seeing her like this was torture. This was the entire reason I had planned our night out - for Ada. Nobody else but my own selfish wants. Who could blame me?

We sat doing nothing and saying nothing for a while, only looking at each other. I could tell she knew I was reading her body language to see what she was thinking, so I looked away for a brief moment. Then, when I looked back, I only looked at her. Her beautiful soft hair, her eyelashes that batted and her lips that were slightly parted. Her eyes and how they looked back at me, her beautiful body as she sat just in front of me and her habit of putting a hand over her face when I paid her a compliment.

I leant forward and kissed her again. I mean, really kissed her.

The End

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