Ada: Falling Apart

Ada Knowles

The moment our lips connected once more, I felt completely elated and thrilled. I would never have imagined at any moment in my life that I'd meet someone like Evan who would love me the way he does. And now that I had, things were going to be harder for me.

Our kiss was soft but it grew deeper, taking me in more than him. My hands wrapped around his neck and I made sure nothing was in between us as my body crushed against his. Evan's arms wrapped around my waist and in that moment, I realised that less than a month from now, I wouldn't be able to love him the way I am at this moment.

My lips moved against his passionately as the kiss grew more aggressive from my side. I kissed him the way I would if I were parting from a lover, the last kiss, the last show of affection. Evan could see through this and it was made more evident of my falling apart when salty tears started to make their way down my cheeks. He immediately pulled back, his lips leaving mine with a small smack.

His emerald orbs swept over my face as we both gasped for breath, mine mixed with sobs that shook my body.

"Ada...what's, what's wrong?"

Don't tell him. I shook my head at him and forced a smile. "I'm just really happy Evan," I said shakily but he could see through my lie easily.

"No you're not. Tell me what's wrong," his voice grew demanding as I could see the pain reflected in his eyes. He didn't like seeing me this way and he wanted to help. How could he? It would only mean...

"I...I..." What would I say? I looked up at him, his blonde hair holding traces of the water at the tips, his emerald eyes sparkling as the moon hit them in ways different then before. "Forget about it Evan. Just...forget. This is our night." My voice became a little stronger and wavered less, trying to put on a temporary strong act. He watched me, worry in his eyes.

"It is our night. But, we can't go on unless you tell me. Otherwise it would just be-"

"Normal. It'll be like before. I promise."

And before he could come up with an arguement and before I would tell him how heartbroken and vulnerable I felt, I leaned forward and kissed him. This is our night. And I'll make it ours. No more tears for the rest of the night and no more thoughts about saying goodbye. Just me and Evan.

The End

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