Ada: A New, Transformed Evan

(A/N: I think this story should be rated 'Mature' because of this one chapter. XD Any young readers below the age of eleven, please clear the room!)

Ada Knowles


This night was going perfectly well, actually it was beyond perfect; better then I’d ever imagined. My mind raced with thoughts left unsaid as I stepped out from the bush, wearing a skirt-designed like swimsuit. How had Evan kept this all prepared? It was almost as if he’d planned this. But I liked it…except for one thing.

I tugged at the bottom hem of the skirt that covered my skin from my waist and down as I felt a blush creep up my cheeks. I felt a bit shy facing Evan in something like this. I waited for him to bob back up into view as I listened to the music. After what seemed like two minutes or so, he did exactly that.

“What are you doing out?” He sputtered, his gaze swiftly looking over my body.

“I erm, I really think I’ll get a cold or something if I swim at night. Besides, mom will be wondering where we are.”

I hated to ruin the moment, really I did, but sometimes we had to face reality. What I didn’t expect was his knowing and impish grin as he stepped out the water and came close to me.

“This night is about us…and besides, mom already knows.”

His hands interlaced with mine as he wound them around his neck before wrapping his around my waist.

“She does?” I stuttered out, my face burning further.

“Mhmm, I told her that we’d spend the night together here. We’re camping out tonight.”

“But we-we don’t have a-a tent.”

He cocked his head toward our bags and smirked.

“But, you probably one have one tent. We need two!” I’d never had a problem with him and I sleeping in one bed before, why was I feeling so weird now?
“It’s all prepared Ada, now enough questions and get into the water.”

He dived again, leaving me staring at his figure that swam through stupidly. Why oh why was I acting so out of it now? This time, he bobbed back up, his face not irritated yet but very close to it. I tried not to stare at his body when he walked back to me, question marks in his eyes. Evan might not be the world’s most heavy built man but he definitely was quite muscular. Hunk, the word popped into my mind randomly and I cleared my throat before stepping back as he stared at me, arms crossed across his chest.

“What’s going on?”

I gulped, tearing my gaze reluctantly from his body back to his face.

“I erm, nothing.”

“It doesn’t look like nothing.”

I blushed even harder, knowing that I probably looked like a big fat tomato as I tugged at the hem of my swimsuit harder. Then something clicked on his face when he grinned knowingly at me.

“Oh Ada, Ada…you’re not nervous are you?”
I gulped again, backing up with every step he took closer to me. My back hit the tree behind me and Evan placed one arm on either side of my face before leaning in.

“You’re not afraid are you?”

“Pfft, why would I be afraid?” Okay, that came out all shaky. What was wrong with me?

He smirked, leaning in further and traced my neck with his lips before stopping at the hollow and giving me a soft kiss.

“Maybe cause you’re embarrassed and new to this side of me?”

“This-this is a new side?” Definitely a new side, with the way he was acting all Mr. Flirty-son. Now he brought his lips up and planted a kiss just below my chin. My breathing got even more uneven when he came closer to my lips.

“Of course it is, I haven’t ever done this before have I?”

He grazed his lips against mine in a slow passionate way that felt like a wildfire spreading through my body. He tangled his hands into my hair and brought my body crushing against his. My lips parted and I sighed, clinging to him for more and that’s when he drew back. He must have planned this to! He left me desiring for more as I almost growled at him as he grinned at me dopily, back to normal Evan.

“Come on, let’s go swim now.”


“What?” He turned back to me, playing innocent.

“Why’d you stop?!” I whined, wow, I sound like a kid.

“Well, we need to save a little bit for tonight, don’t we?” He whispered in my ear, his voice now seductive that sent thrills through my body.


“Now let’s go swim.”

That’s when he pulled me into the cold, cold water along with him and I shivered against his chest as we fell back in. I’d never seen this side of Evan…this side that was more then just the emotional, caring and loving part of him. He was now different; passionate, a wild child, and most of all…kinda seductive. And I was excited at the very thought of seeing more of the new Evan tonight.

The End

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