Evan: Blush

Evan Brough

"You're beautiful." I whispered.

Her electric blue eyes stared at me through her wild, wet hair. I raised a hand to move the hair from her eyes. Blushing, she flicked her head in an attempt to clear her vision of the remaining strands.

I ran my hand over her shoulder and up her neck. I felt her shudder slightly."Are you cold?" I asked, voice full of  concern.

"Not at all." She said in a dreamy sort of way.

Wrapping my other arm around her waist, I pulled her in. She leaned towards me, gleaming eyes looking into mine.

Our lips grazed, droplets of water falling and landing on my face.

Neither of us wanted to pull away, to be apart for any length of time. We moved perfectly in sync, never missing a beat. The music continued to play in the background, enhancing the emotion and scene.

I pulled away for a moment, just so that I could look at her again. She was an angel, sent down from the heavens. She was my guardian angel, here to help and show me the way - but I was going to lose her again. This time next week, she'd be flying back to her dad. I'd be left without friends once again. I'd be left without her.

I would never be able to go home either, but I had a plan to fix that. I'd show Ada. I promised myself as I looked into her deep, clear blue eyes that I'd show her my plan. That I knew what I was talking about.

She tilted her head up towards mine once again, wanting more. I granted her wish. Bending down, I scooped her up into my arms.

I wanted everything to be perfect for her. It should be like a movie for her. I wanted her to have everything she ever wanted. I just wish that I could give it to her. If I could, I would.

We parted after a while, an idea firmly plotted in my head.

"Ada. I'll be back in 5 minutes. Then we're going for another little walk."

* * * * *

"Where are we going?" She giggled. Her hand raised to peek from under the blindfold.

"Uh - uh. Not yet." I said, batting her arm back down. " Not until I say. Only one more minute."

We came to a halt. Removing the blindfold, I eagerly awaited her reaction.

We'd come to a river. Here, the water was slow and trickling, further down were the rapids and the fast moving underwater current dangers. The moonlight reflected off the huge wobbling mass, creating a light show of twirling, dancing colour and wonder.

Setting my ipod down, I produced a bag. "Here." I chucked a swim suit at her. "You can get changed in the bushes if you want." I began to strip down to my swimming trunks underneath my jeans as she walked towards the bushes close by to change for the nights activity.

"Hurry up!" I called as Ada emerged from the bushes in her bathing costume.

I pressed play on my Ipod, selecting the right playlist for the setting. REM's Night swimming came on first. It was perfect for this.

Taking one quick look behind my shoulder at her as she stalked towards the water's edge, I dived in and let the fresh, freezing water flow over my body.

The End

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