Ada: Vampires and Angels

[A/N: Beware!!! Cheesy content! XD]


Ada Knowles

This kind of stuff only happens in movies, I thought, blinking when Evan took me into his arms and we danced amidst the sprinklers. But it was still quite pleasant. It was quite hard to hear what song was playing in the background as Evan twirled me around and my heart thumped loudly. But it sounded like a piano piece.

I remember hearing it in a movie and that’s when I recognized where it was from.

“Lucky Bella had a lullaby, isn’t she?” I teased Evan. His eyes took on the playful look before responding.

“Lucky Bella had a hot vampire lover, isn’t she?”

“Mmm well, Edward sure is charming and attractive but-”

I paused, wanting to make him desperate to hear the rest as he dipped me down.


“But no vampire can beat an angel.”

His face went slightly pink as he brought me up and I laughed.

“I’ve never seen you blush.”

“It’s the, erm, the water. It’s really cold you know.”

“Uh-huh. Too bad I don’t believe you, Mr. Softie.”

And then before I knew it, he lifted me up into his arms and walked slowly.

“You really should not have said that.”

That’s when I noticed where he was headed. Right in front of us was a blast-on, upright, standing-on-the-ground kind of sprinkler. It was facing the other direction but I was quick to have known what he had on his mind.

“Evan Brough, put-me-down, now.”

He grinned before jumping in front of it. At once I felt the cold water hit my body. I gasped, trying to breathe again midst the laughter that shook me up. Then, I felt the hard ground under me as he softly dropped me on it and ran for his life, he was going to need the head start anyways.

“You little-!”

I got up, my wet hair slopping at my back while I chased after him. The moment he was close enough, I literally pounced on him and we both toppled onto the ground, rolling down the field. When it finally came to a stop, Evan was on top of me, both of us laughing.

The sprinklers were still on around us, the smell of the wet grass and the stars sparkling above us. Our breathing was now back to normal except for the unusual beat of my heart, which I always had whenever Evan was with me now. He looked down at me, staring into my eyes and one hand going into my wet hair.

“You’re beautiful.”

My heart got even more out of beat now as I felt the blush creep up my cheeks. What was he going to do?

[A/N: @DanniTaylor --> I know the ending sentence 'What was he going to do?' is kind of a bit weird but I thought you might want to continue the special moment. Hehe. *wink* :-) ]

The End

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