Evan: Sprinklers

Evan Brough

Falling gracefully from the sky, the sun sank below the horizon, turning clouds pink and the once egg-blue sky was now all sorts of shades of deep, dark blue, rich purple, blazing red and flaming orange.

Silence filled the whole in the atmosphere. Nothing needed to be said, so nobody said it. I turned to look at Ada, resting on my shoulder. She looked up at me and her face tilted towards mine. My lips grazed softly against hers and, arms intertwining, we kissed until the sun completely slipped out of sight.

"I love you." Those words were all I wanted to hear from Ada's mouth. I knew now that I wasn't imagining things, that I wasn't making it all up.

* * * * *

It was about an hour after we had watched the sun go down and that we had shared that blissful moment. Ada's head was resting on my shoulder, her breathing regular and soft against my skin.

The twilight surrounded us, enveloping and protecting.

Turning to Ada, I stood up and she followed suit. "Where are we going Evan?" She whispered, trying not to interrupt the silence.

I put a finger to my lips and led the way through the bushes and fragrant flowers littering the flower beds. Ada didn't protest, but she stopped for a moment. When I turned around, I moved behind her. Covering her eyes with my hands, we continued walking for another minute or so.

"We're here," I whispered softly. "You can open your eyes now." With that comment, I removed my hands, uncovering her eyes.

A vast, empty field loomed before us. The grass was short, obviously well kept as there wasn't a weed in sight. Flower beds scattered the perfectly maintained scene, going far beyond the horizon. The only break in the beautiful landscape was a small stream. The water dripped from the source (later, I knew it became a river - a torrent of wildness) and onto pebbles, washing off them and collecting to form the feature.

"Wow. It's..." She trailed off as her breath caught in her throat.

Glancing at my watch, I took my ipod and a set of flat speakers out of my pockets. I selected the playlist I wanted and set them down in their protective, waterproof covers.

Looking at my watch again, I started to murmur. Ada looked confused for a moment.

"3... 2... 1..."

With my countdown, my ipod started to play, the sprinklers turned on and I grabbed Ada's hand and started to dance amongst the sprays.  

The End

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