Evan: Confusion

Evan Brough

"Besides, do I really have beautiful eyes?" I asked in a teasing sort of way, leaning in to her, inhaling her aroma.

"You have no idea." She replied with a smile.

She put her head on my chest and relaxed. She'd said she loved me. The best part? She meant it! She actually did - but it wasn't going to stay like this. She was going to jet off back to her dad and live with him.

Living with her was a dream. I was just about to wake up and it was everything I could do not to.

I felt my eyes pricking with tears as I thought about her leaving. I didn't want her to go. She was the only one I had ever loved. It wasn't as if my family had exactly taught me what love was. It was Ada.

When I was with her, I felt complete. I was whole. I hadn't ever thought about love before. I hadn't even known what it was.

I didn't know there was a warm bubbling feeling you got in your stomach. It rests there every time you see the one you love most. They are all like little butterflies in a container. They flutter about and never rest or get tired - just like I would never tire of being with Ada.

I must have moved awkwardly or something because she picked up her head to look at me. Her hair fell over her beautiful face and she raised a hand to move it out of her eyes.

"Evan, are you okay?" She sounded concerned. "You look upset." Pulling away, she peered to get a good look at me.

"I'm fine." She looked at me disbelievingly. "Really, I am." Turning my head away, I walked back to the piano. Murmuring, I asked, "What do you want to sing now?"

She didn't sound convinced. I didn't even want to deceive her, but if I didn't, I'd hurt her.

"I think I have something better in mind than singing today. Come on," she said after a pause. "It isn't that far away."

Grabbing hold of my arm, she dragged me out of the door and out of the building.

The End

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