Ada: Guilty and Hurting

Ada Knowles

I did not just hurt wasn't me who slapped him...was it?

"Ada, what happened?"

My mom entered the room, looking shocked and confused. I ran towards her, knocking her over in a hug. I needed one right now, even if she'd be one of the last people I'd go to. Her arms wrapped around me and comfortingly stroked my head as I waited for the teras to flow.

The shock of what had just happened left me feeling blank and devoid of any emotion I was supposed to be feeling. But I knew it would hit me soon and before it did, I needed to find him.

"Go Ada.."

It was almost as if she'd read my mind. She let go of me and stepped back, a small smile on her face. Giving her a quick kiss on the cheek, I ran out my room, racing down the steps and out the house. Out of all the places Evan could've gone to, I knew where he would be right now.

Stopping the first cab that I found, I gave them the name of my destination and waited anxiously. The moment we were there, I shoved twenty dollars into the driver's hands and jumped out the cab, running into the school. Kicking the door open to the music room, I skidded to a stop, trying to catch my breath.

Evan stopped playing immediately, and stared at me in surprise. My eyes saw the throbbing red slap mark on his face and a pang of guilt hit me. The person behind the hurt he was feeling right now is me.

Hot tears started releasing as I crossed the room in one quick pace and fell into Evan's arms.

"I'm so sorry Ev...I'm so sorry. I'm the worst person ever."

The End

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