Ada: Eavesdropper

Ada Knowles

I dropped on the bed softly and sighed, closing my eyes. I knew sleep was a long time away, I just couldn't get my mind off things at the moment as I waited patiently for Evan to come back. Evan...he'd help me sort things out just like he promised, and I'd help him come back together with his family just like I promised. Promises to keep with so much time ahead of us...but how were we going to start? How was I going to start?

With another prolonged moment of silence, I gave up and got up. I wasn't going to be able to sleep and I longed to spend the night tonight just like the one before, with Evan and the countless seconds before us, waiting to be filled up with our talks.

Evan was a part of me now, and I wasn't scared any more like how I was in the beginning. I trusted him with all my heart and I knew he woudn't harm me in anyway with the that peice of my soul he had in him.

I sat back down on the bed and looked at the clock. Fifteen minutes had passed since Evan had gone down. What was he up to? My eyes dropped on the phone on my table and I looked at the clock again. Maybe...just maybe...I could call Dad...apologize to him for everything I might have said that hurt him when we left...but would that really fix the problem?

I picked up the phone without a thought and was about to start dialling when I heard the voices on the line.

"I'm sorry - " 

"You will be if you block her out and replace her with that Barbie doll you call a girlfriend! You better wake up soon and see what you're missing, what you've done."

My heart skipped a beat as I immediately recognized the voice, it was Evan...

"Okay then. What do you want me to do?" Dad had given in.

"I want you to fix things with Ada...she's broken hearted sir. Even if she might not act like it through the phone, I do know that she wants to fix things up with you. Maybe you could...come by?"

"No, I don't think I should. Seeing her face to face will not help her and will make her in a worse state. For now, maybe I should just try to speak to her through the phone."

"Okay then, but whatever you do, please fix things with Ada," Evan said.

"I will, Evan is it?"

"Yes sir."

"Thank you son. I'm grateful. I have to get going now, my wif- I need to go have dinner."

"Alright sir, good night."

Then, the line went dead. I softly put the phone back down and stared at it for a few moments in shock. Did Evan really just...I opened the door to the room and started descending the stairs, meeting Evan halfway as he came up. He looked shocked when he saw me up but quickly composed himself to a small smile.

"Hi Ada. Not sleepy I suppose."

"What were you thinking?"

The End

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