Evan: Plans

Evan Brough

"I wish that I could pick up the peices of shattered glass and place them together without hurting myself." Ada sighed.

My chin gently rested on her shoulder. Her hair brushed against my face and I could smell the fruity apple-like scent. I shut my eyes and just breathed for a moment or two, letting the aroma fill my lungs before releasing them back into the air.

"Tell you what," I started. "How about you lie down for a bit? You can plan what we do tomorrow." I paused and she nodded. "I'll be back in a moment."

Unwinding my arms, I drew away from Ada. Without looking back, she moved off into her bedroom. I heard the springs on her bed creak slightly as she sat down and relaxed slightly.

I walked to the stairs and began to descend.

* * * * *

Picking up the phone, I scanned through the list of numbers in the address book beside the set-up. 

"Here it is." I murmured.

Dialing the number, my gut filled with butterflies. They swooped and dived; weaving knots tighter and tighter into my stomach.

"Hello." A gruff voice, disowning and dismissive.

"Hello Mr. Knowles."

"Who's this?" His tone became sharper, like sand in a desert storm.

"It's Evan Brough, sir." I took a formal tone. "I'm Ada's best friend. Her mother gave me permission to phone you."

"What are you doing phoning me!?" Uh oh.

"I'd just like to talk to you about what's happened." I continued without pause. After all, I wouldn't want him to but in and get the wrong idea. "She's very upset, and I'm the closest to her at the moment. I know it's none of my business, but I just want to see her happy." I paused.

He was slow to answer; his voice drawled. "And what," he coughed. "Just what, can you do to help?" His voice dripped with sarcasm.

That was it.

"Look here sir. I'll have you know that your daughter has saved my life, given me a second chance when nobody else would. Why can't you accept that you have a daughter that is so selfless, so brave!"

"I'm sorry - " He tried to interrupt.

"You will be if you block her out and replace her with that Barbie doll you call a girlfriend!" I could hear the deafening silence of shock through the crackling of the phone. "You better wake up soon and see what you're missing, what you've done."

He murmured. "Okay then." His voice was dry this time. He knew he'd lost. "What do you want me to do?"

The End

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