Ada: Shattered

I thought I'd never stop crying as Evan held me close to him throughout the night. Why did my dad have to call and ruin whatever peace I'd had left in my heart? I knew Evan was waiting for me to tell him about what had happened so...I did...

"He, he wanted me to come back. He said he doesn't like me being gone. And that's when I said that won't be happening because...cause..."

"Why don't you want to go back Ada?"

I felt him cup my chin and tilt it up so he could see my face. I blinked back the next wave of tears that were on the verge of flowing as he leaned closer to me, placing his forehead on mine.

"Ada, you want to patch things up with your dad, yeah?"

I nodded wordlessly.

"Then you have to try. You can't push him away for trying from his side."

"But it's hard not to after what he did," I whispered, one tear escaping from my eyes. He wiped it away with his thumb and smiled reassuringly.

"I understand Ada but life is not easy and sometimes you got to make the first big step."

I sighed and moved closer to Evan, my body fitting perfectly with his, as I rested my head on his chest. He stroked my hair as he continued talking.

"What did you mean when you yelled 'not negotiable'?"

"Dad, umm, he'd said that we could fix everything up from talking. I thought he'd meant just him and me but he'd also included you-know-who...and that was when I yelled that it wasn't something negotiable."

I felt him nod and pull me closer to him.

"Okay, Ada, I'll just go downstairs and give your mother the plates." He beckoned to the side table. "I'll be back quick."


He got up, unwounding my arms that were around his neck and got up from the bed. With one last glance at me and a small smile, he closed the door and left the room. I got up from the bed slowly and walked toward my desk, picking up the small photo frame on my desk. It was all three of us, me, my dad, and my mom. I was a baby and dad was holding me in his arms with mom resting her head on his shoulder. Both were smiling happily at the camera.

I still don't understand why dad and mom had seperated if they'd been happy together. There must have been a breaking point in their relationship, but couldn't they have stayed together for me?

I felt Evan's arms wrap around my waist as he rested his chin on my shoulder.

"What are you thinking?" He whispered softly into my ear. 

"I wish that I could pick up the peices of shattered glass and place them together without hurting myself." 

The End

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