Evan: Promise

Evan Brough

I pulled silly faces and Ada was struggling not to laugh. "Ada here." She said. Her face fell. I could tell instantly that it was her dad.

Oh no.

I could hear the distant murmuring from the phone over the shallow breath of Ada. Her lip was shaking.

"What?" She jumped up off the bed. "No. Uh uh. Not happening." There was a pause. "Not negotiable!"

Without time for even a pause for breath, she slammed the phone down. She stood, unmoving for a few moments. The world slowed and everything was deathly still.

She paced the room, running her hands through her hair. She was shaking slightly.

"Ada." I said softly. "Ada."

Her blue eyes looked into mine. All her pain, stress and anger filled those watering glowing orbs. MY hands reached out around her waist, her head coming to rest on my shoulder.

"I... I..." She couldn't say anything.

My hand snaked up her back and gently pushed her head to rest on my shoulder. She shuddered violently. Tears ran down her face and onto my shirt. She hugged me even closer.

"Ada." I whispered. "Listen to me. You helped me with my family... issues. I've got to do the same. Besides," I said, moving back to stare into her electric eyes, "I promised."

Time became endless.

I lay with her on the bed and played with her hair, comforting her. Slowly, she began to tell me what had been said over the phone.

The End

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