Evan: The Sleepover

Evan Brough

I wrapped my arms around Ada, pulling her in, willing for her to be closer. "Ready for our sleepover Ada?" I felt her relax and nod slowly.

She moved away and reached for my hand. Gently, she dragged me along and lead me into her bedroom. I closed the door behind us and together, we fell onto the bed. She moved closer to me and I placed my arms around her. Her head delicately rolled onto my chest.


* * * * *


I felt her shiver slightly against my body. "Are you cold?" I asked. I felt her nod. Grabbing a blanket, I placed it over us.

I don't know how long we stayed there, holding each other close, but it wasn't long enough. We were lying like that well into the night.

"Ada," I ventured. "Ada, when will you sing for me?" I could feel her discomfort. "Ada, I know you'll be perfect, no matter what it is."

Curling up, she fit against my body. 

We talked about almost everything. I had never had a friend like her. Well, I'd never had a friend. It made me really appreciate what this was - what I had now that was totally new.


* * * * *


After talking half of the night away, I felt Ada relax completely - she was asleep.

I could feel her breathing deeply against my chest. Lying across my chest. I was careful not to breathe to much - I didn't want to wake her. She looked so beautiful there. That's how we slept - with her in my arms. I never wanted to let go.

She was with me.

I wish that we could be together forever. Corny, but true.

The End

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