Evan: Away from home

Evan Brough

What had she just done? I... I'm speechless.

Ada had done the thing I'd never had any courage to do: she'd stuck up for me. Right after she'd exploded at them, she'd dragged me to my wardrobe and put in as many clothes as would fit into my back pack.

Then, she'd decided that wasn't big enough and dumped all my clothes from my dresser and my wardrobe into a suitcase - pulled from under my bed. Then, she'd ransacked my draws, pulling out anything important and placing it carefully into the (now empty) back pack.

She hoisted the back pack onto her back and handed me the suitcase.

Looking at me slowly, she moved in closer to me. "It will get better." She promised. "I will not go down without fighting, yeah?" I gazed into her eyes, longing to be with her forever. Just the two of us - against the world.

Her face closed in on mine.

Our foreheads came to rest against each other and she looked longingly into my eyes. I could smell her perfume again. Just for that moment, everything was perfect. There were no problems, it was only us in the whole world.

Unwillingly, she pulled away. "Come on. We'll go to my house and I'll get my mother to cook something for us to eat. You look hungry." Taking my hand in hers, she led me down the ladder, down the stairs and out of the door. On the way past my parents, she snarled and looked as though she was about to dish it all out again. After only a seconds pause, she walked on and marched me out of the house.

* * * * *


We were in her room. The T.V was on and two empty plates sat on the dresser beside her bed. Our backs were against the wall as we sat on the bed.

As we had walked in earlier, she had told her mother the whole story - explosion and all. Her mother was very kind about it all and said I could stay here for as long as I needed to. I'd gratefully thanked her and Ada had dragged me up into her room.

Her head rolled to rest on my chest as we talked. My arm was wrapped around her shoulder, hers wrapped around my middle.

She shifted and placed her head on my lap.

Idly, my fingers started to twirl her hair in strands. "Is there anything else that you need?" She asked.

"I've got everything I want," I said looking deeply into her eyes. I meant it with all my heart.

The End

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