Ada: Invited

Ada Knowles

The moment Evan came up, I knew something went horribly wrong. The side of his face looked like it was throbbing and had a handprint like he'd just gotten slapped. I got up from the bed and hurried toward him.

"Evan, what happened?" I took hold of his hand and brought him back to the bed, making him lie down.

"It's nothing, I just erm, accidentally-"

"I can see it's no accident so don't try and lie to me. Did your..." I gulped then continued, "did one of your parents do this?"

His emerald eyes finally met mine and I could see the hurt mixed in them. He didn't have to say yes for me to know. I got up and stormed down the ladder and trudged downstairs loudly.

"Will you stop making all that noise you stupid bo-"

"What kind of parents are you?!" I yelled. I didn't reconsider what I was doing as I continued shouting at the shocked parents of Evan. "You just don't go and slap your son for no damn reason or a reason that isn't sensible enough! Infact, no one goes and slaps their son just for the hell of it! Do you too even have any feelings?! I bet you don't even acknowledge the fact that Evan even exists except for the occasional slaps huh?!"

"Ada what are you-?"

I whirled around to see Evan staring at me. His face was mixed with awe and shock and also, a small hint of anger.

"Come on Evan." I took hold of his hand and went back upstairs into his room. Opening his wardrobe, I started tossing random clothes into his backpack in a hurry. I was mad and I didn't like this side of myself. The last time I'd blown up like this was with my dad and oh boy, that wasn't the best sight.

"What are you doing?"

"You're staying with me tonight," I said sternly, "and maybe for more then just one night. Consider yourself invited for a sleepover."

The End

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