Evan: Secrets

Evan Brough

Walking along the path to my house, the only sound was the crunching of the fallen autumn leaves from the trees. We stopped outside the front door. Ada's hand reached out for the doorbell.

"I've got a key," I said, reaching for her hand. I took it in mine and rooted in my pocket with the other. Cold metal touched my skin and I pulled out my key.

"We've got to be quiet when going in, yeah?" Ada nodded.

I placed the key in the lock, turned it and pushed. The door opened without protesting. Taking my key out, I beckoned for Ada to follow. Silently, we crept up the stairs and I yanked the cable to open the hatch into the loft.

"Up you go," I whispered with a smile. Ada climbed gracefully up into the converted loft. From downstairs I heard the beginnings of an argument with my parents. Quickly, I clambered up after Ada and pulled up the ladder, shutting the hatch. "So, what do you think?"

"It's amazing!" Ada genuinely looked astonished. I'm not surprised. I'd done all the work myself.

I'd started by laying some floorboards, varnished oak wood. All the walls had been plastered over and painted a light blue. My bed was a large, king sized bed. There were bookshelves, a desk, a wardrobe and posters decorating the room.

The best bit was the T.V I'd spent weeks barganing for. It sat in front of an old couch in the middle of the room. I'd worked for every penny and every thing that went in here.

"Evan! Where are you you lazy idiot?" My parents had brought me into the argument again. I looked at Ada apolagetically. I let the ladder down and climbed downwards to meet my parents.

* * * * *

"What do you want?" They were glaring at me with looks that would kill if it were possible.

"What's all this about you wanting to take music at school?" They fumed.

"It's my passi-" That's as far as I got before I felt the sting in my cheek of the forceful slap my dad gave me.

"If you're going to live in this house, you're going to do something proper. You want to do music?" I nodded. "You're paying rent for that room up there. You can't pay it? Tough luck. Get out of my sight." He spat with disgust.

I ran up the stairs, my heart pounding. Pulling down the ladder, I climbed up to see Ada.

The End

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