Ada: Evan's "Home"

Ada Knowles

I didn't know what exactly happened when Evan reacted that way to when I asked if I could come over. Did I do something wrong or was there something going on with him at home? I was a bit hurt at first but the moment he pulled me into his arms in the music room, I felt perfect yet again.

The thing about Evan...when we're together in an embrace, I forget everything around us, it's only me and him in our little world and no one can get us out of it except ourselves.

And ever since that day when he made his promise of reuniting me with my dad, I didn't know how to feel about that. I was starting to like Evan...a lot. I knew I'd never find this warmth in my dad ever the way I found it in Evan and moving away from the bonfire inside his heart, is something I didn't want to do...

"Come on, let's go," he said stepping back but yet intertwining his hand with mine. We've only known eachother for around three weeks now but we could never maintain the phyisical distance between us. We must have hugged a million times already.

I smiled at the thought as we walked out the school doors.

"Ada, will you ever sing for me?"

That question got me by surprise.

"I don't know, do you really want to hear me?"

"Of course, how can I not?"

I felt myself go red at the very thought of him, me, and my voice in one room together. That would be horrible. He laughed, breaking the few minutes silence.

"But no pressure, you can do it when the moment is right."

I nodded unsurely and he grinned at the look on my face but the grin slowly faded away as we stopped in front of a small house. It looked quite..."fresh" but never judge a book by it's cover right? We slowly walked up to the front door, the only sound of leaves crunching under our foot.

When we were in front, I gave Evan's hand a squeeze before bringing my other hand up to ring the bell.

The End

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