Evan: Close

Evan Brough

Her arms wrapped around my neck. I wrapped mine around her waist. I heard her mumble into my neck "I'm so sorry Evan... I'm really sorry."

I responded by pulling her in closer.

I wanted to stand like this forever. Just to be with her - no worries in the world. I could feel her cry. All that mattered was that she cheered up. Her head was still buried in my neck, her arms hanging on as though nothing else mattered.

Gently, I pulled away. Looking into her entrancing eyes, I saw my reflection in the tears waiting to stream down her cheeks.

"I'll promise now Ada. All I want is to see you happy. We'll fix things with your dad. You can have a relationship with him - go and live with him again."

It pained me to think that I'd give up whatever this was for her to live with her dad. If that's what made her happy, I knew it would be all I could to to make her life better. I'd do anything for her.

I pulled her in again, and the hours melted beyond recognition.


* * * * *


A week had passed since we had spent three hours in the music room, neither of us speaking, just feeling.

"Evan!" I heard the voice over the others in the crowded hallway. I turned and fought against the flow to get to the source.

"Ada." I pulled her in close.

"Evan. Are you busy tonight?" I shook my head and smiled. "I was thinking that we could maybe head to yours after school?"

"No." I said it a little too sternly. Ada looked slightly taken aback. "Not possible."

She reached out for my arm - I batted it away. Walking away, I heard her voice call out. "I'll find you..." I got too far away to her the rest.


* * * * *


Walking into the music room, I wasn't surprised that Ada was already here. She walked over to me and closed the door behind me.

"Look," I started. "If this is about earlier, then I'm sorry. It's just... well..." I trailed off.

"It's okay," she said, her voice full of disappointment. "I understand."

I made up my mind. I was probably going to regret this later. "You can come around to my house then. We'll have to be very quiet though." She didn't ask, but I could tell she wanted to know.

I reached out for her hand and pulled her closer. Just having her there made me feel safe. I didn't want her to get hurt. But what could I actually do?

I held her close, breathing her scent - vanilla. I never wanted this feeling to end.

I just wanted to be alone forever with her.

The End

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