Evan: Lessons

Evan Brough

My fingers glided over the keys of the piano once more. I let the music into my head, played out my story in music. I let myself go. I was no longer falling without a parachute, I was flying. I was free.

I almost forgot about the problems I had at home. The fact that I was just a past trend for my parents. That I was alone in the world.

My fingers quietly came to rest and finish the song. So, Ada wants to play?

"How about we start now?" I said with a smile.

"Start what?" She looked as though she was in a daze - a trance. "The lessons? What, now?" I nodded my head. "You mean, now, now?"

I laughed, "Yeah! Why not?"

SLowly, she rose from the seat on in the middle of the room. I shuffled up to the end of the bench and patted where she should sit.

"Are you sure? I mean.." She mumbled.

"Don't worry." I said quickly. "Relax and play what you feel."

Uncertainly, she began to play a simple tune. Her head must have been so full of emotion that she wouldn't show. I could see her fiercely blinking back the tears forming in her eyes.

She paused uncertainly and took her hands away from the keys. " I, umm, I have to go." She said hurriedly. 

She moved to get off the stool. I reached out for her arm. Looking back at me, she gave up. She sat down and began to weep, silently. I did something I've never done in my life before - I hugged her.

"Everyone cries." I said sadly. "Everyone."

The End

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