Ada: The Art Of Music

Ada Knowles

The music that filled the room soothed me in ways I'd never felt before. Evan's hand glided along the keys so gracefully and the music's melody was beautiful. I almost felt like I was under some kind of trance. At once, all the thoughts I'd had whirling in my mind about my family and how everything was going to come back to normal, came to a stop as I listened to the music.

Evan played the piece ever so gracefully for about five minutes before coming to a peaceful and quiet end. I longed to hear more and I knew he could see that from the expression on my face as he grinned at me.

"I'm guessing that you liked it," he said.

"No, I didn't...I loved it...that was so beautiful. You composed that by yourself?" I asked, sitting down next to him.

"Yeah, I, I rather let myself go when it comes to playing the piano. It's kind of like a godsend to me."

I smiled at him and let my hands trace the soft keys of the grand piano.

"What about you?"

I glanced at him. "What about me?"

"Are you into music as well?"

"Well, I used to play the guitar when I was a kid...but it's been a while and I'd probably have forgotten all I'd learnt. The piano is something I've always been fascinated by and I was hoping to know how to play that too." Then biting my lower lip, I looked up at him through my eyelashes and asked, "Would you erm...mind if you could teach me how to play? The piano, I mean."

I wasn't expecting him to say yes but when he did, I almost jumped up in happiness.

"That's great!" I almost yelled, enthusiastically.

He gave me a crooked smile and turned back to to play some more enchanting music of his own, and I was glad to hear it.

The End

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