Ada: First Real Conversation

Ada Knowles

I didn't think he'd actually agree to show me around. And I was even more shocked when he let me eat with him. There's nothing quite interesting about me really, so when we started having a real conversation, it was a bit surprising.

"So...why'd you move here out of all the places you could've gone to?" He asked, a trace of curiosity in his voice.

Trying to keep my voice even, I said, "I had a little disagreement with my dad and well, we didn't come to a compromise. So now, I'm staying with my mother."

I watched him scrutinize my face as I said this, trying to see if any expressions would let him know how I feel but I kept my face blank.

"So you don't like the girlfriend or..?" He asked, twirling his fork in the spaghetti. I was taken by surprise by how quick he figured out about dad's marriage or at least the fact that he had a new girlfriend. He was more attentive then I thought.

"No, Melissa's cool but I just didn't like that she took all his time now. I didn't have my own time with my dad anymore."

There was a couple minutes of silence in which I saw Evan sneaking a few glances at me. It was awkward in a way as I could see he was trying to figure me out but I kept myself composed and he wouldn't be able to. I didn't understand how I was able to tell him all those things but I just did...

"The tour?" He stood up, pushing his food tray to the side and beckoning me to him.

I nodded and followed him out the cafeteria...I wonder what else he was going to figure out about me that he still hasn't, during the tour...

The End

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