Ada: More Than Just Normal

Ada Knowles

Meeting my mother was not the best thing that had happened to me. She'd totally forgotten that her daughter was arriving that day and hadn't come to pick me up at the airport. So I had to catch a cab in the crowded streets of the city, give him my new home's address and try and find the right house. And when I did; I guess you could say I got quite a shock.

She didn't look anything like me and I was not sure wheather to believe if I was really her daughter or not. Her eyes were a deep shade of  a dull emerald green, and her wavy brown hair reached her waist with highlights of blonde in them.

"Ada, right?"

I had just nodded as she stepped back and I entered the house. It looked a small, cozy, cottage kinda way. A staircase was to my right, leading up to what I assumed were the bedrooms, and in front of me the dining hall, and to the left, a few couches with a TV in front.

Dinner was alright...we didn't talk and the long silence filled the air with a weight. I had quickly ate dinner, said goodnight, and went upstairs to my small room. I was having a feeling that the relationship I'd have with my mom wouldn't be as good as the one I used to have with my dad...and that thought wasn't exactly comforting.


As I entered the class, I felt the stares of everyone on me. Ignoring them, I introduced myself quickly to the teacher and walked over to the only empty seat in the room. Pushing back my hair, I glanced casually at the person sitting on the seat next to me. But the moment my eyes laid on him, I was intrigued. There was something about him that made me say hello. And mind you, I'm not that much of a social person.

"Hi, I'm Ada. What's your name?"

His eyes were cautious as he gazed at me and said, "Evan. Evan Brough."

I was starting to have the feeling that there was more to him then appeared so...and I was going to figure what that was.

The End

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