Volaron: Elves

They seem me long before I enter their territory and meet me at the border with anger and defensiveness.

" Volaron, Your presences isn't wanted!" They spat in elvish, I could understand it but never speak ir.

" Oh the hell it will be when I tell you how many forces Karadrass carries." I say my hands gripping my sword.

One elf is forming a spell while the other one partially draws an elven blade of the gods. I don't flinch.

" How many?"

" enough soldiers to light up the sky with light from a fire and enough smoke to cover the sky as a storm clouds." I say calmly.

The leader doesn't believe me and strikes down onto my armour. I step back from the ferocity of the strike but remain unharmed.

" So timid why don't you just reach into my mind , and retrieve the information?" I ask.

" It could be altered for you are so very good at magic." One sneers.

" Why would I lie too the elves? I hate demons and Karadrass as much as you do."

" Because your Volaron the one who will either bring peace or destruction."  An elf states from behind the gaurds.

" Oh yes the prophecy of the drunken white lady of the forest. That is utter crap." I mock their queen.

" Drunken no more , crap you say no the White lady of the forest never lies." The elf says fiercely.

" Yes I know where this is going, I have only shown trouble to you people and cannot be trusted, Blah blah." I say.

"Yes but none of this matters the White lady wants to see you."

" Drunken white lady." I added quietly.  

I walk past the foolish younger elves to follow the older elf but as I walk something flew onto my wrist and bit on to my skin. I look down to see a wooden bracelet with wings and jewels embbeded in it.

" A Damper. You've got to be kidding." I say

" Can't be too careful." He say , " Come along, now."

Man these people needed to lighten up sure it was dark times , but seriously a damper on me , I never hurt these people just cause lots of discontent and uprising. Well maybe I hurt them Indirectly.





The End

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