Volaron: Journey

I ran across the treeless hill filled landscape full of rocks and grass , It was going to take me another 3 days on foot to reach Barand. Luckily for me Karadrass was biding his time getting there . I couldn't afford to sit and rest though because not to far behind me was a half an army of his chasing me like no tommorow. If they caught up to me that I there would be no tommorow for me. 

A while later I take a mis bearing an came on the outter edges of his camp. I hadn't really had a good look of his army till now.  It is massive and the magical potential that you could feel from the encampment. They had setteled in a massive flat on the top of a massive hill that dominated the landscape , on this hill Karadrass had enough troops that all the fires lit the sky in my whole entire life have never seen such a thing. I had an overwhelming sensation just to run and hide in a hole and never reveal myself agian. 

I stealthily circumnavigated the massive warcamp and with reknewed need to get to barrand I ran like a vampire running from 1000 burning suns towards Barand.

The End

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