I watched sadly. They sat around me, measuring me. The Elders of the dwarves. I had been summoned, so they could judge whether to exile me or not. I looked like a human, on account of being half elf, half dwarf.

The reason they wanted to exile me. "She's not one of us." they spat. But I barely heard them, as they argued.

My mother, dwarven, my father, elven. And they really had loved each other. But the elves, among which both of them lived, killed my mother only shortly after I was born. My father took me to the dwarves, who promised to keep me safe, despite my parentage, before he killed himself. But their promise was not upheld.

Finally they reached a decision. They pointed to a door on the other end of the door, and shoved me towards it.

I had never been out this door, and I had no idea where it led. It seemed I was in some sort of hallway, but a plain, rather bare one. It was stone, like all of the halls below ground.

Eventually I found another door. I opened it, and the full sunlight asaulted my eyes. I stumbled for a moment, but soon I could see. I realised it wasn't sunlight, but moonlight. Living below ground is apt to make one's eyes more sensitive. I closed the door, which sat against the hill, and surveyed the area.

I saw trees, and... what was that? Houses, ones above ground! Part of me knew them... part of me was repulsed by them. Someone stood quite near to me. I drew closer, and saw that it was an elf. She had her face uplifted, and she was smiling.

"Hello". I said softly. She looked at me and blinked.

"What is a human doing here?" she asked. I decided not to tell her the truth.

"Because I need to find the family of... an elf who's dead. Can you help me?"

"How would you come to know an elf?"

"A very distant relation." I smiled. "However, I don't think they'll welcome me."

The End

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