Volaron: Talk with a demon.

"  My name, I have none of the sort, species , you must be dim witted not to feel the demon magic, Intentions your surrender."

I was confused I am one person , sure a skilled person a person strong enough to slay several major demons in my past but a threat to Karadrass he was 100 times stronger than a major demon most people are crushed by his presents let alone fight him. This was all assumption this demon worked for him.

" You work for Karadrass?" I ask 

" Yes."

" Well I haven't exactly started anything with him so asking me to surrender before I have even fought his forces is surprising."

" Never the less you are a threat that must be removed or at the least weakened." The figure said and lifted a hand I could sense a rush of magic emmanating from him. Well there is no way I'm going to surrender to a lesser demon , and making a powerful enemy when I'm only one person , a person with no allies.

" You answere?" The figures voice became harsher and began to echo around the valley.

" I don't surrender to weaker beings."  I say

In the figures hood two red orbs began to glow and the earth began to tremor and the cloak disentergrated from the magic potential the demon was showing. Beyond the cloak I instantly recognized who I was talking too. Karadrass's  death servants , to me more like fodder. Long thin necks , muzzles like a dogs , thick muscular brownish black hide , and lengthy limbs.  They presented magical potential and strength but rarely ever did they know how to throw that strength around.

" weaker being I shall show you what the 10th death servant of Karadrass can do." The demons sneers then rushes forwards at me with a flaming arm.

I let the spell go a hurricane forced wind stops the demon in its track then several spirals of flames shoot from the sky crushing and burning the demone. I unsheath my sword and cut the demons arms of and pierce it centeral being or more like magical potential was.

" Nothing eh? Pitiful. You have 4 days before your being begins to lose its will to stay together in that time tell your master if he wants me gone He is going to need stronger beings." I say then kick the demon in chest removing my blade from it. I whipped the blade off to the right removing the vile blood off of it before sheating it on my back agian.  I walked off heading to the next civvilazation which stood agianst Karadrass. Also Karadrass's next target the elves of Barand. They weren't going to like my arrival but who was going to care if a Demon is sieging them and the other races refuse to come to their aid.

The End

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