Cattia : Hello World

I walked down the empty hall, a bubbling cup in my hand as I headed to grandfather's chambers. My black skirt swayed on my perfect hips. I reached up one of my hands to ruffle my black hair on my head, rearranging my silver twisted band on my forehead. I knocked lightly on grandfather's door.

"Come in," he said. He was standing by the fire, his hair gray now and his hands even more fragile than the week before.

"Grandfather, sit down," I said, grabbing his arm and pulling him to his chair. I sat him down and placed his mint tea bside him. "Mum just made it," I smiled at him, my already high and fragile cheekbones raising even more nd slightly cvering my bright, almost neon green eyes.

"Thank you Cattia," I left the room, closing the door slightly and making my way to my room. Above my bed hung a small picture of Karadrass with many small puncture holes in it. I smiled at it and carefully unpinned it from my wall, sliding it under my bed. No need for my mother to see that I was on the opposite side of every other elf in this part of Barand. I walked over to my mirror and smiled at my reflection. My small, yet strong limbs looked amazing with my black swaying skirt and my tight black girdle type top that laced up in the back made my already tiny waist look microscopic. The serpentine like head band sat at a slight slant on my head, showing that I wasn't totally into the ways of our people, and the dark red roses on my top moved every now and then, a little thing I'd added. I left my room and the house, going out into Barand and breathing in the fresh night air.

"Hello World," I said quietly, looking up at the stars.

The End

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