In That Way She Does.

Watching her leave, he leaned against the cracked wooden door frame of his ramshackle country home. The fields of long grass on either side of the packed dirt path rippled and shimmered; burnished gold, as it flowed up the hill to reach the steel blue sky above. A storm was coming, he could feel it, a prickly sensation causing the hairs on the back of his neck and arms to stand on end.  Already the shadows loomed, cast from the dark clouds hanging overhead.  Inching across the the ground, the gloom gave chase as she walked away in that way she did; ever forward without pause. 

She had just crested the hill when she seemed to sense the final thoughts he sent after her. Stopping, she tilted her head back to look into the sky, as if remembering something and half turned to look over her shoulders in that way that she did; to see that he was still there. Her sundress shone brilliantly white against the empty sky, fluttering furiously at the pause. One white gloved hand clutched her baggage as the other came up to rest softly against her cheek, then traced a line to touch her lips in that way she did.

He could imagine her whispering beneath her white wide-brimmed hat. Whispering in that way she did; "Adieu, Adieu." With a hint of class. 

"I love you too."

The wind was picking up, sending the ribbon tied to her hat snapping forward around her face. Her hand moved back across her face, tucking errant strands of hair back behind her ear before reaching up to trap her hat as it flapped like a thing alive in the stiffening breeze. There was a last, final, soulful moment and she turned away, in that way that she did; the last of the sun's rays glittering on her golden curls.

He held his breath as she was lost from sight, feeling the steady murmuring in his chest, the words left unspoken burning in his lungs. The gloom fell like the heavy curtains of a play as he released.  The sounds lost amidst the thundering  applause of the storm overhead.

"Farewell, farewell fair love.  In that way you do; with a hint of class."

The End

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