Jade: enter the b*tch

Ok, I don't care about this stupid ex. Why would I? Popular, pretty - maybe not quite smart but who cares when you have the T&A? As Jade looks into the mirror, she reapplies the thick smear of red lipstick - her signature image. Looking at the full length mirror, she knows that she is going to do what she does best - create havoc.

It was dark when she reached the house. A window was already open and despite the door being in full view, she couldn't resist. She flicked her slender legs through the frame and kept her balance as she landed in her knife like stilettos. Upright, she peers into the darkness around her, tugging the extremely short skirt down. The gloom slowly dispelled and she could make out a kitchen worktop and chairs. Footsteps and quiet voices made her duck behind the worktop.

"Damn, damn, damn..." breathes Jade.

"...Harriet had no right to intervene!"

Her heart was pounding into her mouth. Then she realised - she was hiding from them. She, Jade Ewens, Queen of the School and all its dominions, was hiding behind a kitchen worktop in the dark and her heart was pounding.

"...Nothing, and that means Donnie has finished his playing."


The anger was sucked out of her.

"Oh, right, Donnie... Yeah, I should probably join the party..." 

The footsteps retreated. She stood back up, re-adjusted her skirt and started to sashay to the light and noise of the living room.


The End

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