Tine: Sniffing Out a Story

After returning to the living room, Tine watched carefully as the troublesome Harriet stormed in and began to say something that, to herself, was very important. Curious, Tine listened as the girl started:

“ You’ll never guess what guys! Mystie-”

But then was interrupted by Mystie. She seemed impatient and embarrassed; though there was something more going on than just an inside worry for the best party and an annoyance at the uninvited guest.

I Must work that out sooner or later, Tine promised to herself. As a trainee journalist, it was Tine’s duty to sniff out all the facts, no matter how dirty or hidden.

So it was back to watching the surroundings though, as Tine let her mind leisurely wander back to the life going on around her. Donnie was there with his guitar and his ridiculous Plain White T’s song and, Tine could tell, nobody was really enjoying it, except perhaps Harriet, but Tine guessed her taste in music wouldn’t be very substantial.

There were quite a few eyes on Mystie, Tine’s pair only being one lot. It was Tine, though, who decided to act and try and pull Mystie away from the awkwardness.

“Oy, Myst,” Tine pulled her friend out of the room, before Donnie could even finish his song, “Are you okay? You seem kinda…you know, peed off.”

Mystie crossed her arms and stepped back and forth on the heels of her feet, a habit that she did when she was avoiding the point. Not that Tine would let her friend know that she knew.

“It’s just that, grr, Harriet had no right to intervene!”

“Maybe so…” Tine pondered, also avoiding the point for Mystie’s sake. Then she stood, her ears pricked.



“Nothing,” Tine grinned, “And that means Donnie has finished his playing.”

“Oh, right, Donnie…Yeah I should probably join the party…”

The girls slowly walked back to the living room. Donnie looked up surprised that they had decided to leave, and then almost stared at Mystie. It actually kind of freaked Tine out, and she had seen some freaky things in her life, like weird Doctor Who episodes and…actually that was basically it. Tine didn’t recon that her life had ever been so boring; it wasn’t interesting at all!

Little did she know, as she watched Donnie stare, Jacob gaze blankly and Harriet and Mystie argue, that soon her life was going to get a whole lot more interesting!

The End

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