Mystie: Awkward Turtle

After my little ‘discussion' with Harrie we all sat in living room, which is a big open space with red leather sofa's and a brown leather chair, a glass table, a large wide screen TV and many expensive art pieces including paintings and vases.

"So, what has my girl been up to?" asks Jacob. Tine decided to ignore this conversation and carried on searching through the channels on the TV, finally deciding to watch's an episode of the Simpson's- I think. I don't know, all I watch is Goks Fashion Fix and Corrie.

"Umm nothing much, I got this new dress from Top shop today, you like?"

"Stunning" he grins, which instantly makes me grin. I stand up to give him a twirl and he claps as I pose. (lols) He then pulls me onto his lap,

"Well tell me if you want to keep those boys off ya and I'll come and beat them up for you." He winks at me and I laugh, that's my Jacob. He's a really strong and bulky guy and he could take anyone down quite easily. Just then the doorbell rings, again. This is getting kind of annoying now, I open the door;

"What?" I ask, maybe I shouted it as I was feeling a bit annoyed, but then realised it was Donnie and tried to smooth out my expression.

"I hope you're not gunna welcome all your guests like that" he says, I laugh for a bit, but then stop as this was seemingly quite awkward. He was a good guy, and no-one really saw him like that, they saw him as the person who does rough things and has gone to jail. I stare into his deep hazel brown eyes, is face is so... I don't know.

What am I doing? I mentally shake myself, only to find I was having a conversation with him. He started walking through the doorway and stopped in front of me.

"Umm Donnie maybe we should go into the..." I start to say but then he pulls me into a kiss which was like eating the best chocolate in the whole world, and it sent sparks all down my spine, it was amazing- but guess who had to ruin it. Harrie.
"Oh My Gosh you guys are kissing! So cool!" or more likely so not cool, as it brought back the awkwardness, which I swear you could cut with a knife. My then decidedly went pink and so did Donnie's. "Umm so yeah you wanted that beer?" I ask, trying to think of something to say.

"Yeah, sure" he goes to walk into the lounge while I go and get a beer. Being in the kitchen gave me time to think things over. What just happened? Did it really mean something? Or was it just like what friends do? No friends don't do that, do they? Stop worrying Myst, it was just a... spur of the moment kinda thing.

After grabbing the beer out of the fridge I stood still for a moment and took a couple of deep breaths, like they taught me in Yoga class and walked on into the lounge. When I go back into the dining room I realise that they're fighting I looked at them; "Guys! This party is meant to be about me, not TV!" and they all fell into a fit of giggles, especially Tine. Where as I just pouted.

Some more giggling entailed, and when it stopped Tine left the room, which was kinda odd. But this made the room to go awkwardly silent again. I sat on the sofa next to Jacob and glanced at him. He just rolled his eyes at me and I started to pout again which made Jacob laugh and left Donnie feeling a bit awkward again and hence the cycle goes on.

Luckily Tine came back into the room though with a face of anticipation,
"You ok, T?" I ask and I swear the room sighed with relief for someone actually started talking.

"Yeah, I'm fine." She shrugged her shoulders and continued watching the Simpson's. Hmm what to do now? The room is eerily quiet apart from the theme tune of Itchy and Scratchy playing in the background and Jacobs slow and deep breaths. I look over at Donnie who then turns bright pink and turns his head towards the TV. Luckily Harrie comes in to save the day, thanks.
"You'll never guess what guys?! Mystie k..."

"...really wants to hear Donnie play his guitar" crap close one, oh no now we are going to listen to his guitar and not everyone's here this is not how I planned it and and... I must have looked kinda tense as everyone was looking at me.

"Oh come on Myst, Donnie's not that bad" says Jacob chuckling, which in turn makes me and Donnie go red. I would say its right about time to get out the turtle...

The End

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