Tine: Boys and Girls

Tine looked up nervously from the newest episode of The Simpsons to see a boy and Mystie traipse into the living room, shortly followed by another.

Great! Tine thought sarcastically. She had not much interest in the male sex.

The girl knew little of Jacob Meadows; all he was to her was ‘Mystie’s best boy’. As for Donnie: he was cute and he was mysterious, but Tine didn’t know what she really thought of him; he had never been her ‘type’ (although Tine hadn’t yet decided what sort of guys she was ‘into’).

And he had brought his guitar again. That was sweet-if not a little freaky…and typical.

Donnie’s long brown hair flipped over his identical-coloured eyes as he nodded to Tine and slumped himself down into the leather chair opposite Tine’s sofa. The other sofa, which Jacob alighted into, was also leather, but a deep red colour, instead of brown. Their host remained standing.

“Anything good on TV?” Donnie reached across to steal a second remote from the square glass-topped table in the middle of the room. His guitar was leant on the side of Jacob‘s sofa.

Mystie whipped round from her journey to the kitchen. “Guys! This party is meant to be about me, not TV!” She pouted.

“That rhymed,” Tine giggled, before leaving the room to grab some snacks of her own.

In the kitchen, she whipped out her black mobile and started to text one of the twins:

“Hey, R u coming 2 the party @ Myst’s 2Day?” And then hit send.

“You okay, T?” Mystie remarked as Tine re-entered the living room.

They both settled back into the sofa.

“Yeah, I’m fine.”

The End

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