I looked in the mirror. I had combed my long hair over my eyes but the back was hopeless. I didn’t have time to shave, it took too long to fix the bottom e-string on my guitar but hey. I had jeans on with a white t-shirt and loose striped shirt over top.

I had promised her that I’d play a song so after a couple of days thinking about it I came up with Hey there Delilah it was a chilled song, easy and kinda matched my thoughts.

I gently placed my guitar bag over my shoulder and got the bus. It was 45 minutes to get to her house, too far in my eyes cos I always wanted to be near her, she had a certain quality that was different from other girls and I liked that. She knew what she wanted.

As I came on the street I felt nervous. I hated all the rumours there were about me. Everyone always went on about my past, because I lived so far away and nobody bothered to get to know me, they took what they did know and span it out of control. The worst time was when I went to prison for a night. That got everywhere.

Slowly I came to the house and saw a couple of kids running away.

I knocked at the door and it swung open like I’d kicked it down.

“WHAT?” came a voice. It was Mystie.

“I hope you’re not gunna welcome all your guests like that,” I chided, she laughed but after a second I stood there awkwardly. I coughed, “erm, yeah it’s nice to see you anyways,” I muttered, scratching the back of my head.

“Yeah, it’s been a while…” she caught my eyes and I averted my gaze, “…you brought your guitar then,” she smiled, trying to relieve the awkwardness. Why did it feel so weird?

“Yeah, I picked out a Plain White T’s song,” she opened the door wider.

“Do I have to pull you in here, come on!” she laughed.

“Have you got any beers?” I asked as I sidestepped past her, stopping right in front of her.

“Erm,” I felt very hot at that point.

The End

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