Mystie: Jacob

Stupid little ragamuffins deciding to knock and run on MY door. I look around trying to see if I could spot them but… nothing. I was about to go back in when Tine came up to me;

“there’s no-one…” I mutter to her, to my shock she doesn’t look surprised.

“Myst, I think your ‘guest’ might be in the kitchen…”

I walk over to the kitchen, well more like stomped, and found out that my guest was none other than Harrie

. Oh great.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing in MY kitchen???” I shout at the headstrong little girl. She will put up a fight but I’m ready for it.

“Well you didn’t invite me to your party. But I’m nearly as old as you so I should be able to come”

I glared at her, no way is a stupid little stuck up year 8 staying at my party.

“Just get out of my house right now…” I start pushing her towards the back door, her struggling, when the doorbell goes.

“I don’t want to see you or hear you by the time I get back” I glare at her and motion to the ack door before I answer the front one.

“Heya darlin’ you look beautifull!” says my lifelong friend Jacob Medows. He has obviously forgotten to shaven as he has a bit of stubble on his chin, but that’s Jacob for you. We hug and he produces a big bag of crisps, at least that will give us more after that greedy pig of a year 8 ate them all.

“Come in J, maybe you can help me sort out a little problem” he looks quizzically at me, and as if to prove my point, Harrie walks along the hallway trying to get into the living room. Jacob just laughs and tells me that I should let her stay to prove what a real party is like. I start to disagree but something in the way he looks makes me stop. He better be right.

The End

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