Tine: Sneak

Tine jumped as the doorbell rang, startled a bit with nerves, and watched the final piece of Mystie’s ruby dress disappear out of the room before collapsing onto the sofa. Hmmm, I wonder where the snacks are… She thought to herself. Worrying always made Tine reach for the food-trays, even though she knew it wouldn’t help to keep her figure trim.  Size was never a worry of Tine’s though…

Heading towards the transparent slide-door of Mystie’s kitchen, Tine heard some noise around the food bowls and spotted a small girl’s hand quickly snaffle some crisps and a lot of the mini chocolate fingers. Next came the infamous brown locks of Miss Harriet Winslow, a favourite ‘enemy’ of Mystie’s, and an occasional pest. Tine had been there when she had asked (and been turned down) to join in with the party.

“It just wouldn’t be appropriate,” Tine had later muttered to Mystie when they were discussing the reasons for saying no, “With all those older kids around, it…just wouldn’t be right.”

Tine crept out of the corridor, back into the living room, and joined Mystie at the door.

“There’s no-one…” Mystie muttered, frowning into the frosted night sky.

“Myst, I think your ‘guest’ might be in the kitchen…”

So Tine went back to the living room, leaving Mystie with a confused look on her face. Tine smiled sneakily; she could deal with Year 8s.

Now, what’s on the Sky TV?

The End

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