Mystie: T

I open the door to find Tine standing there;

"Heya T! come in, don't worry you're the first here" I hear myself say; hmm it would have been nicer if it was someone else but I told everyone to get here at 8 and It's only 7:30. I sigh, to which Tine responds with a big grin and knowingly says;

"Oh someone wanted me to be someone else did they" she raises her eyebrows which makes me laugh,

"You're impossible T." We go to my room while I apply the finishing touches to my make-up.

"How many people do you think are coming?" asks Tine, a little waver in her voice, but before I reply yet another person rings the doorbell. I look at the clock, 7:45, if this keeps happening up to midnight I will have a lot more guests than I anticipated. I look at Tine;

"who knows?" and walk back downstairs to get the door.

The End

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