Tine: Dark

Tine glanced at the digital time-piece in her mother’s blue BMW. 7:33: that would hopefully mean she’d be the first there, and gave her time to relax and settle in with Mystie before the others arrived. Unfortunately, Tine didn’t know how many people were coming or whom. Mystie was a bit of a surprise like that, but Tine was used to the irregularity of her friend’s moods and a selection of ever-changing friends. Mystie was quite popular, so what? It didn’t bother either of them,

Tine wondered what Myst would be wearing this evening. She always looked so glamorous and was great at choosing the right clothes, whilst Tine was definitely just into the soft sweaters and jeans (especially in the winter ‘cause she hated the cold). Tonight, though she had chosen a long black bat-wing top with a lime green belt, over black trousers that she actually wore for work. Tine was training in a newspaper facility as she was hoping to become a journalist.

Tine had chosen her favourite pair of silver diamante dangling earrings, and was wearing an emerald necklace, short so her neck-bone was visible. With her protruding butt and oddly-shaped figure, Tine felt it was her only ‘sexy’ feature.

Her brother and step-brother always seemed to be there to cheekily admire Tine’s clothes whenever she went out. Tine was the ‘baby’ of the family; she was overshadowed by her two sisters (17 and 19) and two brothers (22 and 25) who were always hovering around, though most of them didn’t actually live at the homestead anymore.

As the car drove up to Mystie’s house, Tine pondered the reasons why the girl was having a party anyway; it wasn’t her birthday, and their end-of-year ball wasn’t for months yet. It’d only just been the twins’ birthdays, so it can’t have been for them either. Sometimes Tine felt jealous for being the only one of her friends not to have a birthday in the winter months. And though her family’s birthdays were dotted all around the year, there were none in April or May, her birth month and its neighbour.

Tine was just shrugging off her black overcoat as she reached the front door, feeling the nervousness of ‘party fever’ springing in.

Things had got a bit out of hand at the last party they had had at the twins’ house, breaking more than a few of the windowsill ornaments and waking their mum up at 3am. It wasn’t the best party Tine had been to…in fact, it was definitely the worst.

She only hoped that tonight wouldn’t be as eventful.

Taking a deep breath, she pressed a long finger onto the doorbell.

The End

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