Harrie: Fear

Harrie stands up and stretches. This was really exciting and she just couldn't sit still. "Guys, I'm just gonna explore the house." No one appears to hear her so she begins to walk around the house, bumping into furniture as she goes. "Stupid furniture." she says as she bumps into yet another coffee table. She kicks at it but hits nothing but air. Suddenly, she hears a noise. A soft, rustling noise. For the first time since the lights went out she begins to feel scared. "Come on Harrie, don't be stupid. You don't want to look like a baby in front of the other guys." She walks toward the source of the noise, and finds out that it is a open window. Relieved, she reaches out to close it. Suddenly Harrie feel something touch her shoulder. She screams and turns around. Though the faint light the window provided she could make out a tall, shadowy figure swaying to and fro. She raced back to the living room knocking over a chair in her haste. All the others were staring at her. "What happened?" Mystie asks.

"I saw something!" Harrie shout. Mystie lets out a long, exasperated sigh. "Seriously! It touched me on the shoulder and I saw it moving around. I'll show you."  She grabs the flashlight and everyone follows her to the room. She shines the light around, but she doesn't see anything. She hears a low laugh. 

"That is what you get for inviting a kid to your party." The new girl says.

Mystie snatches the flashlight away. "If you'll excuse me, Donnie and I are going to check the circuit breakers." 


"And you can't come."

Everyone walks away. Harrie scowls. She had seen something. She was sure of it.

The End

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