Mystie: Misunderstanding

Walking through the house is pretty creepy when all the lights are out. Bumping into furniture and tripping up the stars didn't help. Oh screw this, I'm gunna take my high-heels off. I place them down at the top of the stairs as I carefully make my way to my mums' room.
Suddenly a noise sounded from behind me and I scream. This is followed by the sounds of heavy footsteps running up the stairs; ‘Myst are you all right? I heard you screaming and...' It was Donnie, a mix of delight and fear ran through my body.
‘Donnie I heard something behind me and I don't know what it is, just...' I trailed off thinking I sounded kinda stupid. As his footsteps edge closer I can vaguely make out his figure ina dim orange glow.
‘Here look use this while we try to find your mums torch' he said passing me a tacky looking lighter with the words I <3 London on it. I then warily wave the lighter behind me waving it over the place from where I heard the noise; luckily it was just my cat Sookie. As I looked at her she purred slightly then flumped onto my mums bed, going back to sleep.
‘Few It was only Sookie, now where is that torch..?' we quietly searched for the torch in the dim glow only reaching the edge of my eyesight and Donnie's.
‘So earlier with the...'
‘Yeah I know Donnie does it mean anything?' I jumped in getting anxious.
‘That's what I wanted to know, did you not like the song or what?'
‘No... I liked the snog it's just that... wait you said song??? As in your guitar, ohh right yeah it was great but sorry if it didn't seem like it, T dragged me away for no apparent reason.'
‘Oh' came the meek reply from Donnie, at that point I managed to find the torch and we started to head downstairs.
When we go down people seemed to have been talking very quickly and animated as it stopped when we entered the room.
‘Alright Myst?' asks Tine.
‘Yeah it was just my cat Sookie.' I said sighing, I then sat down on the sofa next to Jacob.
‘Don't worry babe, we'll the lights to come on soon.'
‘I hope so... hey!' I exclaim as Jade snatches the lighter from my hand;
‘I think you'll find that's MINE!' she said blowing smoke in my face, eugh I hate that smell, and I start coughing, great.
‘Jade go and sit down, Myst we'll try and find the power box to turn the lights on, ok?'
This calmed me down a bit, but I couldn't help feeling on edge.

The End

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