Tine: And Then There's Trouble...

Tine screamed as the lights went out again.

It wasn’t her fault that she was a little sensitive; she had been afraid of the dark as a child and could still be a little shaky.

"You seriously need to get an electrician," Tine heard Harriet say, as they waited for the lights to flicker back on a second time.

Nothing happened.

"Okay," Mystie's confident voice spilt through the darkness. Inside the room, no-one could see their hands, even when five centimetres away from their face, and the curtains were tightly drawn so no light from the street could break through.

"Stay calm. What I'm gonna do is go and get a torch. I know my mum keeps then upstairs...somewhere. I'll try and be back soon."

Tine heard her leave the room, cursing occasional as she collided with random pieces of furniture a couple of  times, ones moved for the party and not in their normal postions.

"Are we sure that's a good idea?" A masculine voice, that Tine identified as Donnie, asked.

"Who cares about her?" The newest voice cooly replied, as the girl, Jade, wandered into the room. From the sound of it, she was a lot more graceful at navigating the room than Mystie was; she bumped into nothing, her long hair swished about, and Tine could hear her hips swing in the air as she walked past in a sexy way.

Something flickered across the room to light up Jade's glamorous eyes. Tine curiously watched as Donnie's eyes widened in her presence, but then the small flame of light was gone with a click. A second later, and the smell of smoke filled the air, whilst Jade took a deep, relaxed breath in.

She was smoking.

Tine fidgited, unhappy to be in a pitch black room with people that she barely knew, and whom she was not all completely comfortable around.

At least, Tine mused, this is something interesting. I wonder whether the whole street of lights has gone out.

Suddenly, her phone bleeped and the beam of light it emmitted startled her. Looking down, she read the text from the friendlier of the twins, Ashley.

"No, soz. Can't make it, Nan won't let us. Things R gettin kinda freaky here, though. Hav U seen the news?"

"Guys, is the TV working?" Tine asked into the darkness as she clicked her phone shut. Perhaps, it would have been a better idea to keep it open, as a miniture torch.

"No," replied Jacob, "It went out with the rest of the power failure."

Tine could tell that he didn't think her very smart, and she was surprised that his startement was not followed by a 'duh!' It was just who he was to Tine.

There were quick movements on the sofa next to Tine.

"How long is Mystie going to take?!" Harriet moaned, continuing to shuffle about in her seat. She was drawing with Tine at being the most anxious (although she probably would not admit it), Jacob was in the running to be the least. He was naturally quiet, but when he spoke, he did sound at all alarmed.

Nevertheless, everybody was on edge. And they had a right to be...

The End

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