One Dark Night

Ok so, so far these friends are all having fun at a party, when the lights go out. They go to see what's up when somting horrifiying attacks them. Dahn dahn dahn :L


Hmm, what to wear? This party means a lot to me. Even though it's only a couple of friends, I just know that something spectacular is going to happen tonight.
Unfortunately I didn't know how wrong I was

This is the first time mum is letting me have a party; she says that now that my brother has moved to college I can have more independence.

I finally decide to put on my short red dress and black high heels. I hope this will look impressive enough. My mum went out about an hour ago with her friends so it's just me in the house, though I often catch a glimpse of my black cat Sookie. I managed to get mum buy us some vodka and beers. Not that I liked beer, it tastes funny.

I slide my hand through my golden blonde hair to give it a tousled look and then re-applied my lip-gloss just as the first person rand the door bell. I wonder who it is...

The End

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