One Big Fat Teachers Training Course

My name is Maddy and I am supposed to be leading this thingy.

I've only been a head teacher for 3 weeks and now they want me to round all the teachers in the borough for a teachers training course. The thing is I am the head of a Primary School that has only 100 pupils is in practically a hamlet and is unheard of. And yet they pick me for a massive course. I may only be 23 but I'm not stupid:

Me: "Who else have you asked to do this?"

Council man: "Nobody." (Shifty look round to 3 other council members)

Me: "Really?"

Council Man: "Of course, we picked you because of your excellent record of teaching."

Me: "I've only been a teacher for 2 years and I was only made head three weeks ago. And even that was only because our old head committed suicide."

Council man: "You've made a BIG impression in the last 2 years."

Me: "I live in a hamlet"

Council Man: "Look, will you do the job or not?"

Me: "Ok."

At this point I sign a few forms agreeing to do it. Then I remember the two crucial questions that I should have asked before signing.

Me: "When is it?"

Council Man: "May Day."

Me: "Isn't that Bank Holiday Monday?"

Council Man: "Maybe.. I don't know" (he quite obviously does)

Me: "And do I get paid."

Council Man: "No, but times up got to go now see you then." (Runs out door)

Well, At least I knew why the other 5 million teachers he asked probably didn't want to do it.

And here I am.. I wonder who all these teacher are anyway?.. 

The End

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