Once Upon a Time- Twilight Princess

Once a upon a time, in a far, far off land there was born an incredible child. At the age of just one day, the little girl could not not only sit, but stand and walk, even though she was still the size of a regular new-born. At a week, she could run, jump and swim. At a month she said her first words. By four months she was perfectly fluent in four different languages. By the age of a year she could read, write, walk and talk.

Her family were astounded. They wondered where this extreme intelligence had come from and how they were going to keep their amazingly talented young girl from being whisked away to some under-ground lab where they would perform horrendous experiments on her. Their neighbours were already suspicuous. They had heard a beautiful, high, ringing bell-like voice emitting from the nursery and become rather curious. 

The girl- who's name was Sienna, wanted more than anything just to live as a normal girl, to not be treated differently because of her abilities. She was happy here. Although her family was poor, they had love and that, in the little girl's mind, was all they needed.

Little did she know the family was to need far more than love if they wanted to keep their daughter safe... 

The End

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