Once Upon a Time

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Once upon a time there was a young prince who hated the idea that one day he would have to be a king, the ruler of a land so vast that only a few had walked completely from one end to the other.

How can anyone make good decisions for so many people? The prince often asked himself. There were other questions that plagued him as well: what happens if I am not as successful as my father and his father before him? What if war breaks out? What if a famine sweeps the land?

Neither a war nor a famine had visited the land since the days when the territory was smaller. There were no nearby kingdoms to raise a fuss. Each year the correct amount of rain fell from the skies. All was peaceful.

As if the will of this young prince was stronger than everyone else's put together, including the unseen natural forces that governed when and how much it would rain, the day he became King was the same day that his kingdom split, creating an instant rival.

The End

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