It was assumed that neither Taylor nor Atrix wanted to stay in their prison. For hours the two examined the walls, the window, and the door, searching for any means of escape.

They found none.

Exhausted, the two sunk to the floor dejected and disappointed. Footsteps could heard outside of their cell and both of the boys looked up to see a guard walk past.

"If they wanted us dead they would have killed us." Atrix said. "Why did they leave us alive?"

"I've been wondering that as well. We need to go and "Persuade" them that we are on their side. Which means that we have to escape this hell-hole first."

The two looked around once more, and saw nothing that had any obvious usefulness. Then Taylor's eyes rested on their dinner ware. A thoughtful look passed over his features, and then he nodded seemingly satisfied. He grabbed one of the forks that they had been given to eat with and held it up so Atrix could see.

"Think it'll work?" He asked.

"It'll have to. Give a try and let's hope for the best."

Atrix watched as Taylor began fiddling with the door. A clink sounded and the door swung open.

"Shall we?" asked Taylor with a flourish.

"With pleasure." Answered Atrix and the two crept from the dungeon.

A few minutes later Atrix asked, "So do we have any plan then?"

"Umm I don't. I thought that was your department."

"Well the only idea I have is threatening Otto. These people seem to admire strength and skill. If we could make it to Otto's room unnoticed we could... demonstrate our loyalty by not killing him while we have the chance."

"Hmm... it has a few holes, but I don't have anything else. Let's go then."

The two made it to Otto's room unnoticed and with only a few close calls. Atrix motioned to the roof and Taylor nodded. They scaled the walls and found a sun window. It was locked.

"Do you have that fork still?" Atrix asked.

"No. I left it in the cell... I should have expected that we'd need it."

"Well we can't just smash through and announce our presence... we have to think of something."

"Well I got us out of the prison. It's your turn to think of something clever."

Atrix thought for a moment and then a smile gradually bloomed on his face.

"Alright I think I may have something. Listen up."

Atrix disclosed his plan to Taylor who also began to smile.

"I like it. Let's get to work."

The End

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