Taylor Dorden

As they all walked towards Otto who was busy directing villagers around. Bruth the Barbarian kept a tight grip on Taylor's hurt left arm. He did his best to keep the pain in, however the thought that the bones in his wrist must have been broken crossed his mind several times. The pain was getting the better of him though, he couldn't take it any longer something had to be done.

"You know Bruth it's amazing you had the brains to even think that I could be responsible for all of this. However obviously you don't have the intelligent to see the pathetic reasoning behind that claim. Do you know who also shares this level of intelligence?" Taylor gave a slight pause as he saw the big man's temper rise," Those cannibals. Actually sorry I award them to much cred.." Taylor hadn't the time to finish his insult as Bruth let go and went to slice him with his axe.  Taylor ducked, and quickly gave the big guy swinging his axe furiously some space. Atrix  others did the same.  In blind rage he charged at Taylor.

"It is you! I know it is! I will kill you!" He yelled not paying attention to what was on the ground and he began to stumble over weapons, and chopped up snow losing his balance rapidly. Taylor gave a smirk of superiority, he didn't even have to throw a single punch as he hit the ground ground with a loud crunching noise. His victory was short lived as four sets of hands grabbed his arms, and forced him to his knee's before he could protest.

"Thanks, Carter, Tamhia." He heard Otto say as his feet made crunching noises against the frosted, bloody snow.

"You know, Taylor no one credits Bruth for his brains, but he raises a good point."

"Or is it just convenient to blame it on me?", He spat still staring at the blood soaked ground,"  Ask your son, I was with him the whole time, besides what makes you think I helped them, In fact I was killing the disgusting creatures with everything I had!"

"This is true, although he wasn't any good at it. I saw his attempts." A female voice came from the body holding down my right side, she must have been the one saving my butt earlier.

"Hey I killed my fair share!" He complained she replied by applying a little more pressure on his back," Ouch." Taylor said quietly.

"Harru?" Otto asked surprisingly.

"He was with me the whole time father." He said shakily.

"Still who is to say he didn't lead a trail for the bastards to follow." Otto said more to himself than anyone.

"Yeah!" Bruth agreed.

"Prove that I did, Otto!"

"That won't be......"

" And what about this one?" An unfamiliar voice said from the vicinity of where Atrix was.

"He's not from around here." Bruth Growled," He said he had been a captive of the cannibals, and tried to defend his point. I say they're working together."  Taylor's case was beginning to look very grim," I say we execute them right here! Right now!" Bruth spat. 

"No, enough blood's been spilt this day." Otto said," Carter, grab the other one. You two lock them up. We'll decide later what do with these scum.

"Father, He didn't do anything!" Harru started.

"That's enough Harru! Do you want to join them?!" Otto threatened. All further protest or defence in Taylor's favour died, then as Tahmia let him stand up.

"Stupid flying machines." He muttered as Tahmia directed him to where ever he was going to be held, Taylor did not offer any kind of resistance, and instead kept his head bowed staring at the blood covered snow.  He felt pain in his own heart, he wished he was guilty, because atleast then he could have warned these people.

The End

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