Blood RainMature

Harru Allensgarth

It might as well rain blood. The cold was permeated with the smell of iron and death, prevailing. The raiders were diminishing in number, as well as the Toronto settlers energies and hope of better, brighter tomorrow. Everybody had done all they could, and even that was not enough to prevent so many deaths and sorrows. Harru was dragging his arms through the wickedness of tiredness as he shot another arrow at an approaching cannibal. This battle had been going for hours, never-ending. Harru's sweat was mingled with blood of the cannibals and his own blood, but he couldn't mind that at the moment. He had an entire settlement to think of.

After committing his first kill, thus saving Tamhia's life, he had ran into a group of cannibals surrounding a family under the burning ruins of their house to try to save them. He was paralyzed with fear when he approached them and started shooting blindly. Some of them dropped dead while others came to him with their axes and clubs. He tried to aim as best he could and kill the closest one. He also ducked and dodged as they flung their mortal weapons at him, all the while howling incoherences of sound. Harru screamed and shot, finally falling to the ground. Even on the ground, he kept shooting and dragging his body away from the approaching menaces.

He was out of ammunition. He tried to reach his back but the monsters gropped at his arm before he could reach the bolts. He tried writhing away but it was useless. The cannibal's grip was much stronger. In a split of a second, Harru saw the arm from the cannibal, who was holding him down, severed from the rest of his body. Harru shielded his face from the blood and quickly scrambled to his feet. He took three steps backward and clashed onto somebody's chest. Harru rubbed the blood from his eyes and stared at the obstruction. He was never so glad to see somebody in his life.

"Taylor!" Harru exclaimed. "Why have you come? And what are you using?" He faltered when he saw the ivory sword Taylor was gripping in his right hand. "That was my mother's sword."

Taylor was surprised. "It is a very fine weapon." 

"For a fine warrior."

The growlings and gutterings noises started behind them. The cannibal who was missing an arm was still gropping for his weapon and trying to stand.

"Reload your crossbow, we still have much to do," said Taylor. He walked forth to slash, stab, and pierce the raiders from a closer range. Harru stayed behind shooting bolts to the upcoming raiders and to whomever wanted to attack Taylor from the back.

"We make a great team," said Taylor confidently, dislodging the sword from the shoulder of a cannibal.

Harru only nodded in response, dampened in wretched tiredness. He was wondering when was this bloodshed going to end, and the potential aftermath of it. Harru was starting to feel an equal in this battlefield, after all, everybody became dust after death. They were being surrounded once again, because blood was what lured these cannibals to strike. There was nobody else close to the two tired warriors who could aid them. Harru's arms were down, he couldn't lift them up anymore. Taylor tried his best to fend off the cannibals that were coming closer to them. Both of them were retreating towards the burning house.

"Is this how I'm going to end?" Taylor wondered out loud. Even in this tight situation, he sounded amused. 

"I'm sorry that I had to stumble across you in the ice field," apologized Harru. "If I had left you to freeze to death, you wouldn't have to die like this."

Taylor looked taken aback. "There's no other way I want to die than in battle."

A cannibal fell, then another one. The group's attention was focused behind them, were a man with white hair was pushing a sword through their bodies. Taylor didn't lose any time and slashed the confused cannibals, until all of them laid on the pool of their blood.

"Thank you..." Taylor extended an arm to the white-haired stranger.

"Atrix," he replied, taking the hand. 

"Another newcomer," said Harru. 

The sounds of battle died away and with that came an uncomfortable silence. Soon afterwards, the wails and cries of the families began, like a sad requiem. 

"Let's secure the perimeter of the settlement. Look around to see if you can find more of these monsters lurking around. Search for survivors beneath the ruins. Move move move!" Otto's voice was heard from faraway giving directions.

"We should join them," suggested Harru. 

Taylor didn't feel comfortable or at ease with joining the rest.

"You son of a..." Bruth voice cracked as he approached Taylor and pinned him against an ice mound. "It was all your fault, ever since your appearance in Toronto, things have been going wrong. I bet you were the one who lured the cannibals to us, I bet you're a cannibal too!" Bruth held his ax with great determination.

"I don't know what you're talking about!" Taylor roared back.

"Bruth let him go!" shouted Harru, "he is not a cannibal, I found him on the ice wastes. He risked his life trying to save the settlement!"

"Shut up Harru!" Bruth seethed. "You should've left him to rot where he was then."

"He's not with the cannibals." Atrix intervened. "I was a captive of them, and I don't remember him." 

"And who are you?" Bruth barked. "I'm taking you to Otto and I hope he's not too soft on you. If he doesn't kill both of you, I will."

"Bruth, you're being unreasonable..." Harru started.

"Don't start with your nag, you wimp," said Bruth clearly annoyed. "You're a traitor, relating yourself with these people." He pushed Harru away and dragged both Taylor and Atrix to where Otto was standing. Harru raised himself and followed him, not uttering a word. The four of them walked quietly towards Otto.

The End

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