Atrix opened his eyes. After traveling for 3 days his captors had finally halted. For Atrix that wasn't a good thing. Each time they had stopped to camp, another of his group of friends had been consumed by the cannibal who took them from their settlement.He had no hope of living through another 24 hours. 

He was the only one left.

The marauder group gathered together and the leader began to speak in some guttural language which Atrix didn't understand. As he watched the group began to chant, arms were raised into the air as the group was whipped into a frenzy! To his surprise the man-eaters began to light torches and travel away from him! They were raiding another village! Atrix looked around to see if he was alone. He wasn't. The cannibals may be barbaric but they aren't stupid he thought. There was only one guard, but even one cannibal was hard to take down in a fair fight. Atrix was bound hand and foot.

As he shifted Atrix felt something digging uncomfortably into his back. He wiggled until he could get a gloved hand onto it and began to pry. With a snap the object came free and Atrix brought it close to his face... it was an icicle of sorts. It was dark, and if he was careful he might be able to get behind his guard without him knowing. He'd have to strike hard and true... the cannibals could take more punishment than the average human, and if he didn't kill it on the first try, his chances in a fight would be significantly diminished.

Atrix struggled to get up, and was finally able to roll himself into a sitting position. He tucked his legs behind him, and pushed up with his legs and hands. He brought his legs underneath him as hopped and was able to stand. He made a series of small soft jumps and managed to get with striking distance of the cannibal.

He lunged forward and jabbed the icicle into one of the pressure points he had been taught in his martial arts classes at the settlement. The icicle went deep into the cannibals flesh and snapped. Atrix didn't take any chances, he jabbed again and again with the stump of the icicle until that too lodged in the raider.

The cannibal fell and didn't get up. Atrix almost wept. He bent down as well as he could and frisked the cannibal, finding a knife in a sheath on the cannibal's waist. He cut his bonds and ran over the hill taking in the raid with wide eyes. The invaders were being pushed back but there were still a few attacking two figures a little ways off. One had a sword the other had a crossbow. Atrix ran off to help them and began to laugh as he did.

Even in the midst of a battle, he was still a free man.

The End

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