Holding Them BackMature

Taylor Dorden

With a sword in his right hand, and his knife in his left  he charged after Harru. Things would look mighty ugly if Harru died out there while Taylor was supposed to be looked after by him. 'Wow that's odd.' Taylor thought knowing that it was supposed to be the other way around. Thinking of that where the hell was he?

"That kid better have not to get himself hurt."  Taylor muttered charging towards the screams, and shouts that had gotten much closer since Harru had taken off.  As  he got closer he saw a group of Cannibals being held of by Bruth and some of his fellows. Taylor scanned the area around them, no Harru in sight.

"Dammit! Harru!" He shouted turning around to meet up the cut up, pale face of  one of the cannibals, It was just lucky he happened to have his sword in front of him stopping the cannibals own weapon in its track. It howled like an animal forcing Taylor sliding back as it pushed forwards into a charge. Was the cannibal even human anymore or just an animal.  Either way he had to act fast or he was gonna be chopped and made into a delicious Taylor Dorden stew.  He side stepped jabbing his left hand forward. The cannibal grabbed Taylor's left hand squeezing it so hard Taylor was sure it would break any second he began to scream.

The cannibal raised his weapon above its head, it was a barbed metallic spear but had been sharpened pretty much everywhere except where he was holding the weapon. Taylor with little less in seconds to stop his oncoming death worked through the pain and slammed the sword into his chest blood spattered everywhere, and the cannibal released his tight grip on Taylor's arm.  He jumped back clenching his teeth his arm was possibly broken, but with everything happening at the moment, and plus the adrenalin he couldn't tell whether it was or not. The cannibal was charging again its spiky, spear thing ready to impale him, but it was for nothing as an arrow sunk itself into the cannibals heart. Taylor turned around to seeing his saviour to be a tall woman with dark hip length hair. For a moment Taylor forgot he was in battle totally amazed as she reloaded her crossbow and aimed it at him. 

"Oh crap!" He said jumping to the ground as the arrow hitting another cannibal between the eyes, bringing Taylor back to reality,"Damn why do they have to be like that?" He muttered prying his eyes to the area surrounding area, looking for Harru, and anymore cannibals so he can redeem himself for having to get himself saved for a total of two times! Up ahead he saw Harru with his crossbow and a large group of cannibals beginning to gain on his position.  Taylor took no time to waste to charge in and slammed the blade he found into one of their heads, standing between them ,and Harru.

"Finally found you!" Taylor said slicing one of the cannibals down before the next one tried to cleave him over the head with a club. Harru shot a bolt hitting the monster  in the torso giving Taylor the chance to bring the blade down on the monster delivering a finishing blow.

"Hey we make a good team!" Taylor commented  slicing an arm off and stabbing the the cannibal in the stomach," More came but the duo plus the assistance of whoever seemed to have the time to fire off an arrow in their direction successfully fought off a good portion of the invading force, and soon they were retreating, but there wouldn't be time to rest.

"Good job Everyone!" Otto yelled from behind, "but our work isn't over, we need to check our losses, begin repairs to whatever may be possible, and if worse comes to worse prepare to move!" Taylor agreed with everything he had to say but was begining to feel anxiouse about his posistion, something told him Otto was gonna blame this all on him.

The End

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