Flying MachinesMature

Tessa ran down her stairs, bag flying behind her. Walking up to Gwen's door , she knocked loudly. Realizing that her freind wasn't home, Tessa sighed and walked down the steps.

Now alone, Tessa slipped into her shy mode. Taking out little gadgets and peices as she walked, she hummed a song to herself. Not paying attention to her surroundings, she accidentally bumped into someone. Looking up, she saw Harru and a stranger.

She nodded a shy hello to Harru. She'd always kind of admired him for his sun theory, but of course she'd never mention that to anyone.

"Good morning, Harru." she said. "Who is this?"

"Tessa, this is Taylor. Taylor, this is Tessa." he replyed.

Taylor stuck put his hand, and Tessa shook it nervously.

"Um, if you don't mind me asking, where are you from?" she asked.

Taylor replyed with, "Hailstrong."

Tessa's eyes grew wide. Harru gave Taylor a look, like you gotta stop telling people that. Tessa started asking him a lot of questions about how he had gotten there. When mentioned the flying machine, Tessa sped around.

"Thanks. Bye!" she called over her shoulder.

Back at home, she went straight to her desk and took out all of her research on the flying machines. She knew she wasn't crazy.

The End

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